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Extension name: Digital Clock
Author: Chris1278
Extension description: Name of the extension: Digital Clock

Autor: Chris1278

Version of theExtension: 1.0.1

Compatible with the following phpbb forum versions:
  • phpbb 3.3.0-> 3.3.x
Another Requirements:
  • php 7.2 -> 8.2
Description of the extension:

This extension displays a digital clock. This is displayed in the navigation bar, i.e. the navigation bar at the bottom right.

Each user can set this clock somewhat individually. The following settings are possible:
  • Time format 12h/24h
  • Font color for the color of the digit
  • Font color for the background color
This makes it possible for each user to choose the color combination of digit color and background themselves.

The administrator can easily set the default settings for users who are not logged in, i.e. guests, in the administration area under Extensions. To do this, the settings for the user "Anonymus" are simply adjusted accordingly.
Extension version: 1.0.1
Tested on phpBB version: 3.3.10

Download file: jsclock.zip
File size: 63.5 KiB

Extension overview page: View

Except where otherwise noted, the phpBB Team is not responsible nor required to provide support for this extension. By installing this extension, you acknowledge that the phpBB Support Team or phpBB Extension Customisations Team may not be able to provide support.

-->Extension support

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