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Extension name: Style Changer
Author: canam800er
Extension description:
  • Adds a Style Changer to your board. This Extension is based on the org. MOD Prime Quick Style by primehalo.
  • Various settings can be made in ACP/Extensions/Style Changer/Settings.
  • In the ACP module, you can choose between a small graphic or a Font Awesome symbol.
  • The FA symbol can be set as desired in the ACP module.
  • When entering a Font Awesome symbol, the desired symbol appears next to the input field (if entered correctly).
  • Animated Font Awesome icons can also be used. For example: fa-spinner fa-spin
  • A link to currently used Font Awesome symbols is also included.
  • In the Style Changer settings it is possible to deactivate the function "My board style" in the User Control Panel/Board preferences/Edit global settings.
  • If "Overwrite user style" is set to yes in the ACP/Board settings, a corresponding note is displayed in the ACP module.
    Furthermore, the ""Submit" button (if the above-mentioned setting is active) is deactivated.
  • If a group or user does not have the permission Can alter permissions for individual groups or Can alter permissions for individual users in the "Administrative permissions", the Permission Info in the ACP module is displayed accordingly.
  • In the ACP/Permissions you can set who is allowed to see the Style Changer in the User permissions/Group permissions under Misc.
  • This makes it possible to allow only certain users/groups to change the style.
  • If guests do not have the permission "Can view the Style Changer", the Guest style is displayed in the Board settings.
  • For registered members, if a group or user does not have the permission "Can view the Style changer" and at the same time the function Disable "My board style" on User Control Panel is set to Yes in the ACP module, the set default style is displayed in the Board settings.
Extension version: 2.7.0
Tested on phpBB version: 3.3.9

Download file: kirk_stylechanger_2_7_0.zip
File size: 118.6 KiB

Extension overview page: View

Except where otherwise noted, the phpBB Team is not responsible nor required to provide support for this extension. By installing this extension, you acknowledge that the phpBB Support Team or phpBB Extension Customisations Team may not be able to provide support.

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